Geese Aren’t Harmed To Make Your Quality Goose Down Products

Some people shy away from products made from goose down because they assume that birds are killed to make the products.That isn’t the case for high-quality goose down duvets, pillows or sleeping bags, however.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

If you think about it, geese are very important to people who use goose down in their daily work. So why would those people kill, abuse or mistreat them in any way? That doesn’t really make sense.

No Goose Must Die

When you buy a leather wallet or a pair of leather shoes, the hide to make them comes from an animal that has been killed. It’s some consolation to those who love animals, perhaps, that a cow yields lots of usable meat to feed humans and other animals alike.

Purchasing an alligator-skin handbag means that an alligator was killed to create the accessory item. The meat from the alligator may or may not have been used.

While there are plenty of people who enjoy eating goose as a main dish, birds aren’t harmed to make high-quality goose down products. The best manufacturers use down only from free-range animals and harvest by hand.

The birds don’t have to be killed for down to be harvested. Instead, well-trained workers with talented hands and a great deal of experience gather top quality, large clusters of down and feathers by hand from free-range animals. They make sure to wait until the birds have reached their full size, meaning that the clusters of down have reached their greatest potential. That makes for better insulation in your duvets, pillows and sleeping bags.

You see, big clusters from mature birds hold pockets of air better than smaller clusters. In addition, the best makers don’t over-process the down once it’s harvested. Instead, it’s carefully washed, dried and used quickly.

Smaller clusters of down that come from immature geese or smaller birds, including ducks, don’t make good down products because they hold less air, compress easily and must be processed harshly to be usable.

Choose A Reputable Company

To be sure you’re getting the best quality down that has been humanely harvested without killing or mistreating the animal, go with products from a reputable maker like Hex Valley Down that only uses unprocessed, 100 percent pure down in its products.

These quality products can last for generations. And as they’re passed down through the family, each member can share the story of how the item was purchased from a company that cares about how its geese are treated.

There’s no way to get a leather bag or alligator-skin boots without killing an animal, but there’s no reason for animals to die or be mistreated for your bedding.

And there’s no reason to sleep with a lumpy, uncomfortable synthetic pillow or duvet just because you care about animals too much to see them abused for your benefit. The people who make good goose down products care about geese as much as you do.

After all, happy, well-treated geese produce the raw material that makes their livelihood possible.


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