Special Care

Product Care


  1. It is absolutely essential that your duvets are used in a proper cover – this will prevent it being damaged unnecessarily by everyday wear and tear, and also prevent needless frequent washing of the duvet.
  2. Make it a daily habit to give your duvet a good shake so that the down can fluff up and maintain its ability to loft.  Putting the duvet in a tumble drier (1 hour, medium heat) or airing it in the sun every once in a while will give you the same fluffy effect.
  3. Though it will by no means damage the filling, sitting or laying on top of the duvet as a habit will eventually cause the filling to compress which means its insulating power will be affected negatively. To reverse the effect, the duvet can simply be given a good and thorough shake or be put through the tumble drier (1 hour, medium heat), though it is advisable to refrain from sitting or laying on the duvet as a habit.
  4. Washing is not necessary unless the duvet is soiled, which can be done by the consumer him-/herself by following simple instructions provided by one of Hex Valley Down Products’ friendly staff members.  Contact details provided under “contacts”.
  5. Do not dry clean.


  1. As with duvets, pillows must only be used when effectively covered, using a pillowcase and/or pillow protector.  By doing this you will protect the pillow against soiling and prevent unnecessary frequent washing.  When damaged or in need of a good scrub, it is advisable to send the pillows to Hex Valley Down Products where it will be done professionally at a low cost.
  2. For the filling to remain resilient, a good daily fluffing session is recommended. Once again, putting your pillows in the tumble drier (1 hour, medium heat) every once in a while will have the same effect.

Sleeping bags

  1. As with duvets, sleeping bags do not need frequent washing, this will however be determined by the regularity of the use of the product.  Should you need to wash your sleeping bag, you can do it at home following the simple instructions provided by one of our staff members.
  2. Every once in a while, the sleeping bag can be put through the tumble drier (1 hour, medium heat) or in the sun to fluff the filling.
  3. Ensure that you cautiously follow our storage instructions provided below.


To preserve the longevity of your down product, never store it in a plastic bag or box make sure that you rather use a breathable form of packaging and, in the case of a duvet, lightly folded.

Sleeping bags must be stored away inside out and preferably in a hanging position. They can also be stored lightly rolled up rather than squashed into the compacted space of the small stuff bag provided along with the sleeping bag on purchase.  By doing so, the product will be allowed to breathe and prevent the compacting of the filling.  All of our products must be stored in a dry place away from humidity.