Size Is A Big Part Of The Reason Why Goose Down Is Best

Those who’ve slept on a goose down pillow or under a goose down duvet know that these products are far superior to other bedding. They’re even better than items made with duck down. But they may not know why goose down is superior to duck down.

Size has a lot to do with the big difference, as you will soon understand.

Big Birds Have Better Down

Down is made up of clusters that hold air. Big clusters come from big birds, and geese are much larger than ducks. That means that goose down is generally superior to duck down just because of the size alone, but that doesn’t tell the whole story.

Down, as you may know, isn’t feathers. It’s the soft stuff that grows under the feathers on a waterfowl. That means down doesn’t have quills or other prickly bits that can stick into you, causing discomfort. Instead, down is made of clusters that have a small shaft and thousands of tiny filaments that sprout from around it.

The bigger the bird, the better the clusters. That’s because clusters grow in size as a bird gets larger. Larger ducks have better clusters for bedding than smaller ones, and larger geese — which are much larger than any kind of duck — have even better down clusters than smaller geese.

It’s the amount of air that gets trapped inside a cluster that makes a down pillow or duvet feel soft and luxurious, and large clusters from large birds trap more air.

Better Processing Too

It’s possible to process the small clusters of duck down into fairly good bedding, but for some reason, duck down is usually harshly processed. Ironically, those small clusters are less able to withstand processing than larger, more durable duck down clusters.

You see, down products made with carefully processed clusters can last for year — decades, in fact. But small, fragile clusters that are over-processed are damaged before they ever go into a pillow, sleeping bag or duvet. In a short time, damaged little clusters become even more damaged, crushing down to the point that they no longer trap enough air to make adequate bedding.

Large goose down clusters are handled and cleaned with care so they maintain their integrity. The large clusters are less fragile anyway, so they can withstand years of use and even compressed storage. A goose down duvet or pillow that has been stored for years can be shaken back to life in seconds, but the crushed clusters of a duck down product are usually too heavily damaged to snap back into action.

Go For The Best

A down bedding product is an investment that can serve you well for the rest of your life — if you choose carefully made, high-quality products. Making the wrong choice will mean you’ve paid too much for something that will never serve you well and will degenerate quickly.

Because goose down products are made from the large down clusters of a large breed of birds, they’re superior to duck down products. Better procedures mean they stay in good condition through the manufacturing process too.

When you decide to invest in down, invest in goose down. It’s decision for which you’ll thank yourself every night.

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