Goose Down Sleeping Bags

Goose Down Sleeping Bags


All our mummy-shaped goose down sleeping bags are filled with thoroughly washed, sterilized and allergy-treated, 100% pure down.

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Product Description

All sleeping bags are filled with thoroughly washed, sterilized and allergy-treated 100% pure down. Our pertex sleeping bags are made only in the mummy shape.  It is complete with a full length two-way zip – allowing maximum movement for easy comfort.  The standard length of the bag is 2 m (2.2 m with the hood included), but this can be adjusted to suit your requirements.  The bag has a collar baffle as well as a zip baffle to prevent cold air from penetrating.  The stuff bag is included.

We also supply ripstop/cotton sleeping bags in either a mummy or rectangular shape in accordance to customer specifications, with ripstop nylon on the outer side and down-proof cotton on the inner side.  The open end zip enables you to join the bag with another – please specify should this feature be required.   Standard size: 160/200 cm.

We offer our sleeping bags in a wide range of colors, however these are subject to availability (please contact our office to find out more):  Dark ink, Fuchsia, Jade, Charcoal, Original purple, Forest green, Olive, Damson and Turquoise.

If you find yourself browsing around in this section, perhaps a little apprehensive, you may well be aware that a sleeping bag really can be that determining factor – a great night in the outdoors or a very long and stretching night’s experience.  Whether a first time camper, excited about roughing it for that first night under the stars, a light backpacker exploring the world out there or an adventurer taking on the high altitude mountains, Hex Valley Down endeavours to help create those everlasting precious memories.

There are a few main points to bear in mind when making that very important decision and they are bag shape, fabric, body temperature and bag size.  A sleeping bag that will adapt to your lifestyle needs in the outdoors is essential.  We offer a wide range of choices complying with your personal needs: Summer Light, Summer, Standard and Expedition bags.  All sleeping bags are filled with a 100% pure goose down for unsurpassable, superior insulation.

Understanding temperature ratings

As ratings in general are manufacturer guesses as to how warm a bag will be for the average person, turning your focus rather to predetermining your personal body temperature will be a much more accurate route to follow.

  • For hot sleepers (those who overheat easily) you may conclude that the temperature ratings are credible to you.
  • For cold sleepers (those who tend to feel the cold very quickly) you may conclude that the temperature ratings are at least 10 degrees warmer than advertised.  Let me illustrate: a bag rated at -10 degrees Celsius will most likely only be sufficient for you at nothing lower than -1 degrees Celsius.
  • For the average sleeper (not too hot or too cold) You can conclude that the rating is at least 5 degrees warmer than advertised.

Remember the factors that play a significant role – bag fully zipped, clothes worn, use of a camping mattress and sleeping bag hood.

For more information on our Sleeping Bag Temperature Ratings, please download our temperature ratings document.

Useful tip:  Layering up inside your sleeping bag will actually have the reverse effect than expected as this method will only result in you sweating the night through.  For the best result, rather layer ‘down’ to the bare minimum and avoid sleeping in cotton which worsens the sweating.

Additional Information

Sleeping Bag Material

Pertex / Cotton, Cotton / Cotton, Pertex

Sleeping Bag Shape

Rectangular, Mummy

Sleeping Bag Type

Summer Light, Summer, Expedition, Standard

Sleeping Bag Colour

Lime, Amber Yellow, Light Charcoal, Olive, Original Purple, Dark Navy


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