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Lifetime GuarenteeThe quality of your choice: Hex Valley Down Products vs. Mass Production

The majority of down products available today are mass-produced.  Feathers are processed or refined to imitate the softness of pure down.   During this process, the hard quill shaft is damaged which in turn causes it to lose its fine strands.  Over time the refined feathers disintegrate completely into a dusty mess.  These processed feathers, known as Q16, are used to stuff pillows.  Initially these pillows are very soft but unfortunately very soon lose its bulkiness, becoming flat and lumpy, unable to respond to the usual fluffing of the pillows.

Adding a certain percentage of pure unprocessed down to the Q16 filling mentioned above, you come to a quality referred to as Qulon.  This is used to stuff duvets.  Similar to the pillows, these products are initially satisfactory but over a short period of time the filling eventually starts to mat and lump together, leaving empty spaces and cold spots. Gradually, it will disintegrate until only dust remains.  The fabric used to manufacture the casings of both pillows and duvets isn’t dust proof, therefore unhealthy conditions are created especially when one is struggling with sinus- or allergy problems.  Imagine sleeping with your nose buried in dust!

The goose down and -feathers which Hex Valley Down uses, remain undamaged and in its natural state over a period of time that might even outlive you.  Our cleaning process ensures that the filling is thoroughly washed – removing all dust and dirt. In addition, it’s sterilized and treated with an SABS-approved anti-allergic agent before filling the products.

Have a look at our product descriptions below, or download our entire product list for a broad overview.

About Our Products

At Hex Valley Down we only use unprocessed, 100% pure down, to fill our duvets, providing you with a durable product adding comfort and luxury to your life for generations to come.  Our duvets are manufactured to offer a wide range of sizes and weights to accommodate your specific needs. The design creates maximum comfort, preventing the moving of down to concentrated areas, leaving cold spots and allowing the down clusters to reach its fullest loft potential.  Our duvet casings are woven with pure cotton which is breathable and allows free air circulation whilst still retaining your body heat.
We offer a wide range of pillows in various sizes and weights which are filled using a mixture of down and feathers as well as pure down only.  The strong, undamaged feathers are primarily used to carry the weight of one’s head and over a period of use the quills will be softened, the quality remaining unchanged and highly satisfactory.
All sleeping bags are filled with thoroughly washed, sterilized and allergy-treated, 100% pure down. Our pertex sleeping bags are made only in the mummy shape. It is complete with a full length two-way zip – allowing maximum movement for easy comfort.  The standard length of the bag is 2 m (2.2 m with the hood included), but this can be adjusted to suit your requirements.  The bags are made with collar- and zip compartments to prevent the infiltration of cold air.  The stuff bag is included.

We also supply ripstop/cotton sleeping bags in either a mummy or rectangular shape in accordance to customer specifications, with ripstop nylon on the outer side and down-proof cotton on the inner side.  The open end zip enables you to join the bag with another – please specify should this feature be required.   Standard size: 160/200 cm.

We offer our sleeping bags in a wide range of colors, however these are subject to availability (please contact our office to find out more):  Dark ink, Fuchsia, Jade, Charcoal, Original purple, Forest green, Olive, Damson and Turquoise.

Only filling of good quality can be reused.  The filling is washed, treated and supplied with a new down- or feather proof casing, depending on the filling.